Electrical Control Panel

Power Factor Correction Panel

APFC is an automatic power factor control panel which is used to improve the power factor, whenever required, by switching ON and OFF the required capacitor bank units automatically.

AC & DC Drive Panel

The VFD Panel (Variable Frequency drive panel) also known as VFD Control Panel are designed to control the speed of the electric motor and feed pump. They are widely used in drilling, pumping and other large machine applications like Conveyor and Compressor.

Starter Control Panel

A starter panel is the most basic type of motor control panel. It houses the starter and associated controls for an electric motor. The starter panel may also include a circuit breaker to protect the motor from overload.

PCC Panel

PCC Panel is a power distribution board to control the Electrical power supplied to HT Panels, MCC panels and transformers who play vital role in all electrical control system. Power Control Centre is used for distribution and control of various power source used in industry.

MCC Panel

MCC Panel (Motor Control Center) that is a device used to control and actualize the performance of an electric motor. These MCC Panels are offered in a wide variety such as compartmentalized with ACB/ MCCB SFU, DOL, ATS, Star Delta Starters& VFD STARTERS.

Power Bus Ducts

In electric power distribution, a bus duct (also called busway) is a sheet metal duct or also cast resin insulated containing either copper or aluminium busbars for the purpose of conducting a substantial current of electricity. It is an alternative means of conducting electricity to power cables or cable bus.

MVHV Control and Relay Panel

A Control & Relay Panel (CRP) solution is designed to control several feeders, through medium voltage indoor and outdoor switchgear in a primary distribution substation. It is typically deployed when associated switchgear does not have space to accommodate the protection, control, and monitoring needs of a substation.

Lightening Distribution Board

A Lighting Distribution Board (LDB Panel) is comprised of a free-standing enclosure, a bus bar system, MCCB's, metering and support equipment's and required current transformers. Panels are assembled in a systematic manner such as incomer section and outgoing section.